Black Madonna

This is a DJ I had been unfamiliar with, only having seen a few clips of her live sets. I only knew that she had topped the most recent Resident Advisor Poll; the top 100 DJ's ranked each year.  She is in high demand due to her RA poll listing, playing mostly disco based dance music, which makes a nice and friendly atmosphere with a laid back disco shaoes being thrown.


The support was that of local DJ's Schmutz & Hammer, playing B2B before The Black Madonna took to the stage. I always enjoy their sets, mostly because it reminded me of the Boiler Room set last summer, where Schmutz and Hammer both featured in it.


The only slight issue I had, was that I had been informed to keep my distance when shooting images of TBM. So I set up my two wireless flashes as per usual but decided to shoot from behind and from the back of the room, so I would never be directly in front of her. It worked out okay, but it made me feel paranoid that I was too close at times and I couldn't relax at any time I was near her.