Shine - Rødhåd

The last time Rødhåd came to Belfast he played AVA Festival back in June '16. I had to leave just as came on stage, so I was relieved when I heard he was to headline Shine, making up for last summer's missed opportunity. Dense & Pika warmed up Mandela Hall, who didn't blow me away, but I'll always be a fan of their stuff, especially Colt; a tune guaranteed to make me throw shapes.

Meanwhile, Schmutz were throwing it down in Bunatee to your usually sweaty crowd. My wireless triggers were playing up, due to a battery leaking in the trigger (Duracell bullshit) so I had to use on camera flash, going for stroboscopic mode for old times sake. I forgot how much fun you can have with stroboscopic mode!

Bar sub is traditionally the 3rd room at Shine and I managed to catch Miniminds in his set. However, it's always the hardest room to capture, with its sheer darkness, with the only light source coming from a backlit projector screen. I was in the process of using that as the only light source until some legend started filming with the light on their phone. This provided enough light for me to up my shutter speed and capture a few shots of the DJ. Call it lucky, but it did the trick.

When I got round to shooting Rødhåd I had no wireless triggers to use, due to the shitty (NEW) Duracell batteries that let me down big time. I shot a few images with the stage lights, but there were a lot of reds and blues that I wasn't fussed with, right up until he played a few faster-paced tracks that got the crowd going. The lights on stage then came into play and it allowed me to get a few brighter shots which I'm pretty happy with (Photo at top)

Full Resident Advisor photo set here