Hannah Wants @ Limelight, Belfast

Hannah Wants came to Belfast last February at Shine, where she filled the Mandela Hall, so I knew the smaller Limelight venue would have a similar atmosphere to her gig just under a year ago.  With the new wireless triggers for my flashes, I set them up either side of the DJ table, simply moving around the subject and therefore adjusting the lightings effect, without having to move the lights. 

The support came in the form of two individual DJ's, allowing me to nail my lighting for when Hannah came on-stage. Cue the silhouettes:

I always anticipate the DJ's hand movements, which came in came in the form of air-drumming and I got lucky with strobe lights, providing a stroboscopic effect.

It's always hard to make a DJ night look different when it's in the same venue, but I ventured into the crowd to trigger the lights on stage. I ran the risk of getting asked to take a photo, only to have both of my flashes on stage. Having to explain to people in a dark and loud nightclub why I don't have a flash has become a challenge. 

I then went back on stage to shoot some images of Hannah, and with the crowd reaching fever pitch I made sure to point my lights at the crowd to get them going nuts. What I'm most pleased with from the night, is that all the images I've posted kept the lights in the same location. I simply changed the order of flashes used, to completely change the look of the image as I've posted below:

Flash on left and right side of subject:

No flashes, just house lights

One flash, stage right: