Frightened Rabbit @ Limelight

Last time these guys came to Belfast, I was shooting them at Belsonic. However, it was a wet and pretty quiet night, so thankfully the circumstances were very different this time round; with the gig being indoors and a (nearly) full house. The crowd was really up for it, with huge cheers for every song, it was almost as if everyone was trying to make up for the last time they came to town.

FR are a band I've seen a few times now, and it always strikes me how closely they sound to their recorded material, which I guess is a testament to the vocalist; Scott Hutchison. 

The lights for the gig started with blue light and strobes (not good), but then things picked up just before the end of the 3rd song when we all pack up and go. Although, I can never stop myself from going into the crowd and shooting a wide shot..

I uploaded most of the shots onto my Flickr page