Denis Sulta

Denis Sulta hasn't been about for long, but he has a tune that's been doing the rounds, combined with his lively DJ sets and choice of classic techno & house tracks that draws the crowds. Friday night was no exception, with the Limelight show selling out in no time. There was support from Derry's Bekuz and another Scottish DJ; Brassica, who you might have seen remixing Bicep tracks and vice versa.

Brassica has a more laid back approach to DJ sets, subtly lining up heavier tracks that wound the atmosphere up just before Denis Sulta came on stage. As for my shooting tecnique; I decided to try and shoot most of the DJ portraits with the stage lighting and dropping down to F/1.6 or even 1.4.

But this wasn't getting me the shots I wanted, with hardly any bright stages lights being used, it was extremely hit and miss up until the headliner came on stage, which the best lighting is always held back for. So When Sulta came on, I instantly realised I couldn't rely on stages lights because he was moving about so much! So flashes had to be introduced.

I threw down a flash on either side of the DJ table on Speedlite stands, making them less inconspicuous and easier to adjust the direction, depending on where the subject was.

I couldn't resist a silhouette shot with all the hand gestures he was pulling..

I really enjoy shooting an artist that moves around a lot. It gives you such a variety of images and keeps you on your toes. But I really liked his set, some 2000's classic anthems thrown in that the crowd really appreciated, at least I know I did.